Carbon Based Forms

In these works, I combine meteographs with pencil drawing. The meteographs represent elements largely beyond my control, like temperature, or the weather in general. I wanted to add a pencil drawing to the equation as a mark of human conscious participation. The fact that graphite of which pencils are made is a form of carbon and all life forms on Earth are carbon-based closed the circle for me.


Fragments of meteographs are printed on paper. The areas free from print are filled by pencil drawing. It is the opposite of collage in which instead of calling attention to the difference in the medium the artwork presents itself as one unified image. For every meteographs, there are two drawing versions. It is a series of diptychs in which; the first version has the majority of the meteograph printed on paper, and only small areas cut out of the meteograph are drawn. The second version has only three small fragments of meteograph printed on the paper, the majority is a pencil drawing.

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