Still Life series 1998-2002

The photography’s kinship with death compels me, while the curiosity for life and the feeling of the greater commonality of our experiences brings me to the cherished or forgotten family albums, to the piles of old and recent snapshots of known and unknown people. Looking at those moments of life captured on film, I am bound to reflect. The meticulous and persistent practice of redrawing the photographs becomes a way of contemplation. Transcribing by hand, with a pencil the mechanically created image dissolves somehow the irony of our existence in which death is both, a human tragedy and salvation.

The drawings are based on the photographs and snapshots of various families living in different countries.


Pencil drawing on cold pressed cotton paper


Small fragments of Xerox copy of the original photograph are adhered to the paper; the rest is drawn as it was a duplicate of a photograph


Range from 8” x 8” to 14” x 18”

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