The eye is the window to the soul.        

I have been drawing eyes with attention, but it was the experience of witnessing an ophthalmological examination of an eye which inspired me to look even deeper. The slit lamp allows an exploration of the eye at such magnification that the eye becomes unrecognizable and turns into an organic, liquid landscape. The iris is magnificent while the pupil is a darkness that pulsates with the beat of the human heart. 

The eye is a universe where consciousness and the sublime reside.

Eyes draw us in. We peer into others’ eyes and they peer into ours. The act of looking is bound with the act of awareness – awareness of others, and awareness of oneself. One cannot see good or evil in other person's  eye. 

One instead bears witness to one’s own soul reflected in the eyes of the other person.  

Eye is not the window to others' soul, it is the mirror of our own.  

...and, a great ophthalmologist, Mark Lesk said: I will never get tired of looking at the eye. It is the most beautiful organ.  

...indeed,  it is a beautiful organ...and I will never get tired of drawing its beauty.

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