Meteographs are an amalgam of painting, ephemeral art and photography. They are a continuation of the first series of small paintings on ice and rocks which were created in 1980, and were called From the Canyons to the Stars. In 2012 I came back to the forest to paint, but this time I came with non-toxic colorants and a different understanding.

Meteographs are made in two stages. Firstly, the miniature abstract paintings measuring 2 to 8 inches in diameter are painted on patches of ice found in forests and gardens. The painting medium consists of a variety of non-toxic colouring agents. The paintings exist for as little as two seconds and for as long as four minutes. Their lifespan depends solely on the temperature of the environment, unless the image is renewed by erasing it with a splash of water. Secondly, since the paintings are ephemeral, they have to be photographed before they deteriorate or melt. Photography is used here only in its documentary capacity. The photographs are face mount with acrylic glass of variable thickness through Diasec process.

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