"Memory Prints" 

"Improved Gem Pickled Rocks and Pebbles"

"Domestic Objects"

I merged domestic and mystic not because I believe in a deity or spiritual reality beyond the reality which we are anchored in.

Ontology and housekeeping got merged. 

To reflect on life is not exclusive to me, but it has always been uncontrollable proclivity. There is also such sad sweetness and profundity in devoting one's life to reflection, art and the pursuit of enlightenment. I wanted to be a bearded philosopher. As I found myself a mother and a household keeper, tirelessly preparing food or cleaning toilets my reflection on life never reached deeper than the bottom of the toilet bowl. No amount of Zen or Tao teaching would help me see and feel that the life of a philosopher, artist and housekeeper are the same. I am working on my concerns with what I have: Western tradition of thought and feeling, only impressions of the Eastern philosophy, and a family to take care of. I am not a Buddhist monk.

Finally at some point, I realized that the conditions of one's life (i.e. education, profession, influences) dictate the mode of expression. Therefore I embraced my own condition at that time: domesticity. Seen first as an unbearable limitation, it became a freeing element and a practice of my art as it is of my life. 

The domesticity is the practice. The reflection on life is the content. 

I thought, I manage to atone the mundane and holly. The drudgery, the uninteresting part of life which we try to diminish, escape from it had to be embraced. The "Improved Gem Pickled Rocks and Pebbles" and "Memory Prints" and Domestic Objects" are my speckle of enlightenment. It is most honest expression of the understanding of the oneness of art with "all the rest" - life.

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